Studio Strange

by Christine Kvistad



(acryl on canvas)

Exhibiton nerves

My “Skyggeland” (shaddowland) exhibition will be held in Steinkjer bibliotek in June, and I am now in the last stage of painting the pictures, writing the program and planing the boring stuff (like taxes and such).

As the date draws closer, my nerves builds up. It is not a big event, I tell myself. And so what if I don’t sell anything, my goal was to make the jump and show some of my work to the public anyway. I try to hold on to these thoughts, but to tell you the truth there are times when I freak out and have thoughts like “I’m not ready!”, “the pictures aren’t ready!”, “my art is weird!” ect.  Hopefully this will pas when I see my paintings on the wall, have finished the writing and flyers, and have my family and friends to keep my nerves under control. Untill then, I cross my fingers and keep on painting!


Kvile på myrullseng


(acryl on canvas)

Gather art


Art found on the ground, Vollen.

Natural dye for Easter eggs

Originally posted on Studio Strange:


I found this great easter egg natural dye tutorial over at 3191 Miles Apart the other day, that I wanted to try. I love the consept of using what you got and keeping it simple and natural, and since i’m pretty happy with the resault I thought I’d share the recipe with you.

I used only the egg shell, but you can do this with hardboiled eggs as well. For the shade of blue on my eggs, I used three cups of frozen blueberries which I boiled with three cups of water. Remove the berries from the water and let it cool down.


Use the white of the egg and dab it on a feather which you place on the egg where you want it. You can use pressed flowers or wathever you have by hand as well. Then use a piece of a nylon stocking to keep it in place. Close…

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Repair art


DIY repair.

I love me a pair of torn jeans, but these were so worn, my knees were sticking out (and getting cold). So I was thinking about turning it into shorts, but then I thought of some very neat weave art I saw on pinterest the other night, and gave got inspired to do this instead. I think it turned out pretty cool!

     What you need:


Put the backside of the hoop inside of the leg and tighten the fabric before securing the other.

Then make the weave strings.


Then, go artsy with your chosen yarn and needle.






On my easel right now.

I’m trying to decide on a title. Sometimes I think that is harder than actually painting the picture.




Acryl on canvas, by Christine S Kvistad




Birthday present for Onkel Geir, I hope you like the view!

On top of things

So after a long time of not being on top of things and stress in general, I have found myself getting back on track with my art and also this blog. I have made some changes, deleting some of the earlier posts among things, I want to go back to the original idea of this blog. To describe my struggle towards becoming an artist that is.

About that. Things has changed. We are moving back to our roots this year, and with that change comes a perk or two. Today I booked a space to hold my first exhibition. In my home town library, where I first dreamed of becoming an artist. This will happen in june/ july. I’m very happy about this, it feels a little like closing a circle, I think it will be a good place to start.

Also, there will be enough space in our soon to be house, to have a small studio. Studio strange is about to extend itself from only existing in this blog to an actual space.

Of course, this move will also bring other changes in work and personal life, I’m hoping to find some work in the art and culture sector.

I will try to update this blog with my plans and art work more often now, taking you through the progress of the exhibition, and the process of my studio.


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